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Money vs Information Empty Money vs Information

Post  Anders on Sun May 02, 2010 9:33 pm

Money is a major source for power in the world today. Just think about how almost everybody is totally dependent (or at least they think they are totally dependent) on money. And loss of money is loss of great power. Imagine for example if you had no money.

Information can also be a source of power. Is money more powerful than information? I don't think so. Not in the long run. Money can perhaps itself be seen as a kind of information. Therefore information in general includes money and thereby the power of information is potentially greater than the power of money.

We have entered the information age. The Internet is a clear evidence for this. And one interesting thing with the Internet is that the power of information is clearly beginning to show and even in many places outshine the power of money. On the Web it's no longer money that dictates people's behavior. It's the quality of the information that is a more crucial factor.

The evolution of information is an accelerating process. Someone said that all the information humanity has produced up till 2004 (something like that) is now produced in the same amount every week! And the amount is growing exponentially. By combining the power of information with its accelerating growth, one prediction is that information will become more powerful than money in the future.


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